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International Cooperation

Vice President of international department of UPMC visited Hainan Cancer Hospital

肿瘤医院 2019-01-31 from:


On April 28th,2018,Jack Berkebile and his group visited the nuclear medicine department, radiotherapy department and other departments of Hainan Cancer Hospital, and listened to the introduction of department development. "This is the best hospital room I've seen in China." When visiting the VIP ward, Jack Berkebile and his team sighed. Those American guests also pushed the door of the ward when visiting, and personally felt the tranquility when the pneumatic door was opened and closed. This humanized design got their high affirmation. In the subsequent discussion, Jack Berkebile said it was his third visit to Hainan Cancer Hospital. He was amazed by the remarkable development of the hospital in just two years. Under the background of building Hainan into a free trade island, the medical industry in Hainan will definitely get a bigger space for development, said Jack Berkebile. He hoped that Hainan Cancer Hospital could further promote bilateral pragmatic cooperation based on the existing cooperation framework and the current favorable policy environment. Xu xiuyu, the President, said she hoped to strengthen cooperation with UPMC in immunotherapy, stem cell research and the promotion of new anti-cancer drugs in the future. Hainan cancer hospital is very willing to send medical staff to study at UPMC. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the exchange of experts from UPMC in China.President xu zonghua said that Hainan Cancer Hospital and UPMC are both non-profit medical institutions and have rich cooperation topics in various fields. Especially in the training of medical staff, cooperation will benefit more medical staff on the island, thus benefiting more patients. 


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