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Malat and his party visited Hainan Cancer Hospital The first deputy editor of Tass of Russia

肿瘤医院 2019-01-31 from:

The executive director of Hainan Cancer Hospital, Lin shiquan, President Xu xiuyu and vice President Liu weisong warmly received the guests. 


Chinese medicine has benefited many Russians, Mr. Lin shiquan said said in the seminar that Hainan Cancer Hospital had gathered many excellent experts, the first-class diagnosis and treatment environment and several characteristic departments, including traditional Chinese medicine, hoping to provide quality medical services for more Russian tourists to Hainan. Russia also has beautiful natural scenery and rich history and culture. He hoped that more Chinese people can come to Russia for medical tourism and deepen people’s exchanges between the two countries. Xu xiuyu, who grew up in Harbin, said she always felt very warm when she met Russian guests. Russia and China were good neighbors and good partners. They all hoped that this favorable condition would promote bilateral cooperation in medical education, traditional Chinese medicine culture and tourism.

"I have been to Hainan many times and I was shocked each time I visited, especially the rapid development of Hainan in recent years." being a doctor is a very respectable profession,' said Dr. Marat. 'as a journalist, he's told a lot of stories about doctors in his career and is very proud of them.' Marat believes that China's medical achievements have attracted worldwide attention and benefited many russians. They like to come to Hainan for medical tourism. They use traditional Chinese medicine techniques to recuperate and recovery. According to Marat, he suffered neck injuries in a car accident when he was working in China in 1994. Western medicine could do nothing about it, but he tried traditional Chinese medicine on the recommendation of a friend. This adventure aroused Marat's interest in sino-russian medical cooperation, and he began to hope that more Russian students could come to China for systematic study of TCM."Hainan medical college can teach Russian students’ acupuncture and massage, and Hainan Cancer Hospital has doctors who have studied in Russia for eight years. After hearing Marat's story, President Xu xiuyu said, in view of the same professional characteristics, she hoped to promote the exchanges and cooperation between Hainan Cancer Hospital and the Russian National Cancer Research Center in various fields.TASS news agency will increase publicity to Hainan "The purpose of our trip is to have an in-depth understanding of Hainan and explore a better place for the Russian people to go on vacation and receive TCM treatment." At the end of the visit of Hainan Cancer Hospital, Malat said that after 30 years of development, Hainan has become a world-famous holiday paradise. TASS news agency will pay more attention to the tropical island, related publicity, especially medical tourism publicity will be rolled out, more Russians will learn about Hainan through TASS reports.


 It is reported that Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular in Russia. In recent years, the number of Chinese medicine recuperation Tours from Russia to Hainan has been increasing year by year. About 80% of the Russian tourists to Hainan will go to the Chinese medicine rehabilitation center for physical therapy. In Russia, St. Petersburg traditional Chinese medicine center is the first official hospital, which was invested by Beijing university of Chinese medicine and the First Group's official medical platform, the first Chengmei medical group. It had helped a large number of patients with incurable diseases and relieved pain during last year, which was acknowledged by Russian doctors and drew their attention. 


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