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‘No Tobacco Day’ free clinic events

肿瘤医院 2019-01-31 from:

May 31, 2018, is the 31st ‘World No Tobacco Day’. To raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco and help inform of the relationship between tobacco and cancer, specialists from Hainan Cancer Hospital and The Hainan Cancer Prevention Centre held 4 free events between March 31st and June 1st.

The aim was to encourage the public from smoking, to stay away from second-hand smoke, and to undergo regular medical examinations. This was done by hanging banners, setting up expert consultation desks, setting up information stands, issuing brochures to help quit smoking, providing coupons for medical examinations, and handing out anonymous questionnaires to assess the risk of lung cancer. In total, more than 500 people attended the events, with 400 ‘quit smoking’ brochures and 200 coupons for medical examinations being handed out. In addition, more than 600 people were provided with free blood pressure and blood sugar tests during the two days.






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