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Hainan Cancer Hospital starts new series of free screening activities

肿瘤医院 2019-01-31 from:


Hainan Cancer Hospital, which was built on December 25, 2015, is the only cancer diagnosis and treatment hospital in Hainan province. The hospital is designed according to the international modern hospital standard and is one of the most comfortable hospitals in China. Over the past three years, they have invested 500 million yuan to import a large number of advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, such as EDGE, Pet CT, Second Generation Sequencing Instrument and so on, of which 40% of the equipment are in Hainan "only this one". In particular, a number of leading experts in the domestic cancer diagnosis and treatment industry and "returned overseas" scholars have been introduced to make the diagnosis and treatment level of cancer, especially the diagnosis and treatment concept, close to or up to the leading position within the industry. Level, the end of Hainan cancer disease treatment of the history of the island.

On the eve of the 3rd Anniversary of the hospital, many people proposed to run the hospital in order to expand the reputation of the hospital. The leaders of the hospital believe that the hospital should be built with the aim of "serving the society and serving the patients", and that the trust of the patients is the best encouragement to the hospital, and the health of the patients is the best return to the hospital. The real benefit of Hainan people, is the hospital's best "reputation." Finally, the plan was cancelled, and it was decided to use the funds for the celebration, give it back to the society and organize free screening activities.

Li Fujun, executive vice president of Hainan Cancer Hospital, said that early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment are the most effective means of cancer prevention and treatment.

This free screening activity officially launched on December 21, until June 30, 2019, lasting half a year. Screening included 13 high-risk items for lung, liver, digestive, nasopharyngeal and thyroid cancers. Each person is entitled to 2 inspections. The selected inspection items, including registration, are free of charge.

Friends in need may apply for screening by telephone or online booking.

Free screening consultation call:0898—36379999

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