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Medical School’s join hands: Hainan Cancer Hospital adds 4 new practice bases

肿瘤医院 2019-01-30 from:

Coordination of medical education and the co-construction of medical schools is an important link in training medical talents and upgrading medical technology. I recently learnt from Hainan Cancer Hospital that four new practice bases have been successfully approved by Hainan Medical School this year, and they plan to take on graduate interns from next year.

These four new practice bases will be responsible for four specialist internships relating to statistics, imaging technology, health education, and medical insurance. As Hainan Medical School’s base for practical education, Hainan Cancer Hospital will pay great attention to the trainee’s performance, with each base setting up small teaching leadership groups. The ‘Hainan Cancer Hospital practical teaching management system’ and the ‘Hainan Cancer Hospital Intern Management System’. Discipline experts and key physicians within these groups serve as intern teachers to ensure the high-quality completion of the internship and teaching work, and to help them become technically prepared to serve society.

It is understood that Hainan Cancer Hospital, with their support and assistance of Hainan Medical School, shall adhere to the coordinated development of medicine, teaching and research, and shall undertake some teaching and research tasks. More than two years since the hospital’s establishment, there have already been 17 Hainan Medical College students, majoring in laboratory technology and information management that have undergone practice and have successfully graduated from Hainan Cancer Hospital. Of them, 7 particularly outstanding students have been chosen to continue working at the hospital. The excellent teaching staff, the high-standard of facilities and the comfortable accommodation at Hainan Cancer Hospital has also won unanimous praise from interns.

Graduate internships are an important period for medical students to move from theoretical study to gaining clinical care experience. Through practical training, interns learn all there is to know, laying the solid foundation needed to become a future medical worker. As an affiliate hospital of Hainan Medical College, Hainan Cancer Hospital will take this opportunity to strengthen the notion of ‘invigorating hospitals through science and education’, and use high-quality medical resources to help interns comprehensively improve their medical expertise, and develop talents for hospitals, laying the solid foundation for a truly first-class global oncology hospital.

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