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‘Complementary advantages, sharing of resources and common development’ -- Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital and Hainan Provincial Cancer Hospital have begun cooperation.

肿瘤医院 2019-01-30 from:

Recently, Hainan People’s Hospital and Hainan Cancer Hospital formed a medical association. The two hospitals signed an agreement which means that through in-depth business cooperation, personnel training, and technical support, improvements can be made to the overall operational efficiency of the medical service system. It can also achieve the goal of complementary advantages, resource sharing, and common development.


For a long time, China’s medical resources have been distributed unevenly, with high quality resources being confined to large hospitals, big cities, with many medical resources for grass-root areas being in short supply. To deal with this problem, the General Office of the State Council published the ‘Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Medical Associations.’ This proposed that pilot schemes for various forms of medical associations be carried out, with all tertiary hospitals being required to take part and to play a leading role. Constructing medical associations are an important measure to integrate regional medical resources, to promote the spread of high-quality medical resources, to enhance the capacity of primary level medical services, to improve the important steps of the medical service system, and to promote a reasonable and orderly hierarchical medical system.

It is understood that, during the period of cooperation, Hainan Cancer Hospital will fully utilise the strengths of Hainan People’s Hospital’s platforms while working to introduce more advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment. As well as improving treatment management, medical safety, and medical service systems, thus improving the overall medical service abilities and management of the hospital.

As part of a ‘community of interests’ seeking common development, Hainan People’s Hospital will, at regular intervals, appoint specialists to go to Hainan Cancer Hospital to conduct consultations, to do rounds, to teach, and to carry out operations, guiding the development of specialized fields, and carrying out the building of new branches of medicine. Both sides will also establish a two-way referral channel, so, according to the patient’s condition and its severity, they will work to ensure that patients are treated in the facilities most suitable for them. 

At present, Hainan province is working to promote the construction of further medical associations. In 2017, Hainan People’s Hospital took the lead within the province by putting implementing of the ‘3+2+1’ medical association scheme. This scheme involves tertiary hospitals assisting secondary hospitals and community and township medical institutions to form the structure and layout of medical institutions that support graded diagnosis and treatment.


On this occasion, two hospitals have cooperated to form a medical association, which fully brings into play the respective hospitals’ field advantages and paves the way for the exploration of new development paths. It additionally helps create new patterns of integration, promotes the overall improvement of Hainan’s medical technology and pushes forward the common development and prosperity of medical associations, which further benefits the people.


At the end of 2017, Hainan Cancer Hospital collaborated with 23 medical institutions from across the province to form the Hainan Oncology Medical Association. The members of which shall develop technological cooperation within the association, as well as the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment, and telemedicine. As the lead unit, Hainan Cancer Hospital has actively established a three-level prevention and treatment network in Hainan to promote the prevention and treatment of cancer.

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