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Free Medical Treatment reaches the Community

肿瘤医院 2019-01-30 from:

On the afternoon of the 20th of December, medical workers at Hainan Cancer Hospital were divided into two teams, with one heading to the ‘Haiyu Yangguang’ residential area and the other to the Yuanyang Guanhai neighbourhood. In these two communities, they launched free health clinic education activities involving more than 30 medical staff from 8 units. This allowed city residents to enjoy free face-to-face medical treatment service with expert doctors without needing to travel far. 



1、 Prepared with medical reports

In the ‘Haiyu Yangguan’ neighbourhood, as soon as residents heard that specialists were coming to provide free medical treatment, they began to queue up as early as they could. One elderly gentleman, holding a thick stack of medical reports had a very nervous expression when looking at the numbers written on them. He noted that many indictors within the reports were abnormal, but he hadn’t a clue where to go to receive the right treatment. Qian Xiaoming, director of the outpatient department, patiently explained to the gentleman these numbers and focused upon matters relating to dietary and life habits that needed attention. After listening to Qian Xiaoming, the gentleman felt instantly assured and took the initiative to make an appointment with Hainan Cancer Hospital to get himself fully checked out.

2、24 hour ambulances reassure the "migratory elderly" 

‘We elderly people are afraid that if we find ourselves in an emergency situation, there will not be enough time to get to the hospital.’ Mr. Li says while recoding a video to send to his daughter in the north of China. He then, however, happily introduces the specialist integrated hospital that is right on his doorstep that now alleviates his fears.

The reason Mr. Li is so excited is because he and his family have experiences difficulties in the past. The elderly people in Mr. Li’s family would generally spend winter along the west coast of Hainan. A few years ago, Mr. Li’s brother-in-law suddenly fell ill one night, however at that time there were no ambulances that could be dispatched to him. Despite causing his family much worry, he, fortunately, was able to get to the hospital in the end. ‘I’m 78 years old this year, I don’t drive, and always think what would happen if something like that happens to me?’ At this point of speaking, however, Mr. Li‘s furrowed eyebrows began to relax, because there is now a hospital close to his home. No longer does he need to worry about not having enough time to get to the hospital in an emergency.

In addition, the Changbin Emergency Station of Haikou 120 Emergency Center began working with Hainan Cancer Hospital on December 21, with 3 of their 24 hour 120 ambulances being stationed at the hospital to provide timely and quick services for patients. After hearing this news, Mr. Li clapped his hands and said that he would tell his daughter this good information, and let his family know that he and his wife can comfortably spend the winter in Hainan. 




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