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Medical equipment

Hibo Knife

Hibo high frequency electric knife system is the perfect combination of traditional argon knife and the latest water knife system. This technology has its paten and has been recognized as the safest endoscope cutting function (ENDO CUT the I and Q), ESD, EMR new bloodless cutting pattern (CUT), new type electric regulation of argon plasma coagulation depth function (APC2) and dedicated to a new type of Hai Bo early gastrointestinal tumor treatment knife module (JET2). It’s a revolution under the mirror treatment.

Hibo knife has a wide range of indications in the treatment of digestive endoscopy:

1、EMR and ESD for the treatment of early gastrointestinal tumors;

2、Digestive tract hemostasis;

3、Tissue inactivation;

4、Polyp removal, ERCP, EST, etc.;

5、My latest POEM, STER and other endoscopic surgery.

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