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Medical equipment


Hainan cancer hospital introduced clinically guided PET/CT, namely GE Discovery PET/CT 710, which is the latest high-end 256 PET/CT platform launched by GE. It adopts the 256 intelligent thermostatic PET probes with the highest configuration in the industry, and the resolution reaches the industry's best 1.6mm, improving the detection rate and diagnostic ability of micro lesions

At the same time, it is equipped with gem platform 64-row CT, which brings PET/CT into the era of high definition and low dose, which can greatly reduce the CT scanning dose and achieve excellent CT imaging performance. It has a unique built-in Da Vinci intelligent quality control system, one-click operation, complete daily PET/CT charge within 5 minutes, stable and accurate operation of the equipment. The unique tumor treatment guidance function can objectively issue the efficacy evaluation report of patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and help clinicians timely adjust the treatment plan, improving the cure rate of patients and achieve personalized treatment.

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