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Medical equipment

Revolution CT

The Revolution CT is the combination of “spectrum, wide-body, and time-resolution" post-ultra-high-end CT with a 16-cm wide-body detector, 29ms of high time-resolution, and multi-matter energy spectrum analysis.

Technical introduction:

1、One-stop examination of coronary artery imaging + cardiac function analysis + myocardial perfusion can be done under the condition of arbitrary heart rate and cardiac rhythm.

2、Unlimited multi-site joint scanning, all the joint scanning is an one-stop inspection, only need one contrast agent injection.

3、Extremely low dose: 82% dose reduction was achieved by gemstone detector, 70KV scanning and the new ASIR-V iterative reconstruction technology, bringing safer CT examination for patients with screening, pediatric, renal insufficiency and multiple CT reexaminations.

4、Energy spectrum imaging: multi-matter energy spectrum imaging, with faster tri-same instant cutting and flexible multi-matter qualitative and quantitative analysis, achieving early detection of lesions, identification of lesion properties, identification of tumor homology, identification of inorganic components, evaluation of efficacy, vascular microscopy and dual-low imaging.

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