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Medical equipment

Large Aperture CT

The three-dimensional reconstruction of CT scan images can directly observe the location of lesions, as well as other clinical values such as the definition of tumor target area and important organs, the design of irradiation field, the calculation of uneven tissue, and the monitoring of therapeutic effects.

Introduction to technical features and performance of the equipment: With the development of modern radiotherapy technology, CT simulator has become an integral part of modern radiotherapy technology. From the localization of tumor, the design of treatment plan to the simulation and implementation of treatment plan, the application of CT simulation and localization runs through the whole process of radiotherapy.

CT simulator should also have the following properties:

1、80 cm large frame aperture, 65 cm maximum display field;

2、100kW high-voltage generator and 8M 800m ball tube;

3、CT Sim with professional image workstation platform;

4、2D image DRR reconstruction;

5、3D automatic drawing of organs;

6、4D respiratory gating system;

7、5D multi-product image fusion function;

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