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Speed Knife

As the third-generation stereotactic radiotherapy equipment, EDGE is introduced from the United States by Hainan Cancer Hospital, which is an advanced equipment for precisely targeting radiotherapy of body and brain tumors. It combines the advantages of the first-generation gamma knife, the second-generation cyberknife and the tom-knife, and it’s superior to their radiosurgery equipment.

Introduction to technical features and performance of EDGE:

Quick treatment:Ultra-high beam intensity, combined with rapid volume intensification therapy technology, can complete single high-dose therapy within 5-10 minutes, and the dose intensity reaches 3-4 times higher than that of previous radiotherapy systems.

Ultra-high precision:

Physical accuracy: adopting super high resolution 2.5mm multi-blade collimator, and the minimum aperture of the circular collimator is up to 4mm.

Dose precision: MAESTRO control system has the control precision of dose output above 0.04mu;

Position accuracy: create a unique four-dimensional image guiding mode for tracking target area.

Real-time tracking:By combining the radiation-free GPS beacon technology system of the Calypso radiosurgery navigation system with the six-degree-of-freedom treatment bed, real-time target positioning and tracking can be realized, and the technical barriers of previous tracking technologies, such as additional radiation dose and non-real-time tracking, can be solved.

Safe and reliable:Fully digital control system, scanning the system parameters every 10ms, and predicting the parameter changes in the next scanning cycle.Real-time beam control can stop the beam within one thousandth of a second when the patient or target position changes during treatment. All devices use a unified database to reduce data transfer and effectively improve data safety.

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