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Huimin Niu
Chief physician
  • Personal Profile:

    Niu Huimin, director of intervention center, chief physician, professor. Graduated from Tianjin Medical University, and is a member of the Committee of experts on Transforming and Treating Liver Metastases of the China Anti-Cancer Association, Chairman of the Hainan Provincial Intervention Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Union, and Chairman of the Cancer Intervention Committee of the Hainan Cancer Prevention and Treatment Association. He is also Vice Chairman of the intervention Committee of the Hainan Medical Association, Chairman of the Intervention Committee of the Hainan Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center, and vice chairman of the Cancer Ablation Committee of the Hainan Cancer Association. He has engaged in clinical and scientific research teaching of interventional medicine for more than 30 years, and has personally performed more than 30,000 interventional operations. He is especially experienced performing treatments for liver cancer and lung cancer, as well as for solid tumors in other parts of the body. In China, the first intervention therapy for uterine leiomyoma was carried out by him, and he held 22 national gynecological intervention training courses. He won 22 scientific and technological progress awards, and he posseses 2 patents, and more than 30 papers written by him were published. He participated in the Ministry of Health in the preparation of norms for the treatment of cancer intervention.

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