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Zugen He
Chief physician
  • Personal Profile:

    Zugen He, male, director of pathology department of Hainan Cancer Hospital, professor, chief physician, doctoral supervisor and pathologist with outstanding contribution to China. He is the committee member for international World Health Organization (WHO)classification, a member of the translation experts group of the series of World Health Organization(WHO) classification and diagnosis standard of tumors. He is also a consultation expert to the Central Health Bureau and to pathologists of the Judicial Expertise Center of the Ministry of Justice, visiting professor of the Department of Pathology of the Medical College of Nankai University and the Medical College of the University of Hong Kong, secretary-general of the Beijing Cancer Pathology Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, and specialist chief consultant of the Department of Pathology of five other third-class hospitals. He has been engaged in pathological medicine, teaching, and research for more than 50 years, and has trained more than 20 masters and doctoral students.

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