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Lijuan Yu
Chief physician
  • Personal Profile:

    Yu Lijuan, Director of the department of Nuclear Medicine, chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor, a famous expert in the area of imaging medicine and nuclear medicine in China. In 2017, she was introduced by Hainan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission to Hainan Provincial Cancer Hospital to become the director of the nuclear medicine department. From that time, she began to set up and build up the department in Hainan Provincial Cancer Hospital. In 2018, she was evaluated by Hainan Provincial Department of Human Resources Management as one of "Hainan Province's top talents". She graduated from the First Military Medical University in Guangzhou and has studied aboard at the University of Pittsburgh and MD Anderson Cancer Hospital. She has 30 years of imaging experience, and has engaged in general radiotherapy, CT, MRI, PET/CT and PET/CT-MRI diagnosis and has taught at the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Harbin Medical University. She also has a knowledgeable image diagnosis experience and difficult disease solution abilities. She specializes in the imaging diagnosis of malignant tumors, especially in the differential diagnosis of small lung cancers (pulmonary nodules), and is highly praised as the "small nodule expert". In the book of "PET/CT Diagnostics", she was the Editor-in-chief of the national undergraduate planning textbook, the first professional teaching materials in PET/CT in China, which filled in the domestic gap in the professional area. She presided over 2 projects in National Nature Foundation and many provincial projects, and published more than 80 articles domestically and internationally, the Science Citation Index (SCI) has included her 15 articles. She has won many provincial sciences and technology progress awards and the new technology achievement application prize. She has trained 20 master students and 5 doctoral students and participated in editing 5 publications.

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