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Zhixia Wei
Chief Physician
  • Personal Profile:

    Wei Zhixia, the director of medical oncology, chief physician, postgraduate tutor. Member of Clinical Oncology Committee of Chinese Anti-cancer Association and Standing Committee of Hainan Oncology Academic Committee. From 2008 to 2009, she studied in the cancer research center of the University of Colorado, USA. In August 2010, she participated in some researches on relevant projects in clinical trials of Oncology drugs in Harvard School of Public Health. As the main researcher, she has taken part in many international and domestic multi-center clinical researches on gastric and colorectal cancer. She has devoted herself to the research on the mechanism of multi-drug resistance of tumor chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and the reversal of multi-drug resistance and has published more than 30 academic papers. She is specialized in chemotherapy, biological immunotherapy (molecular targeted therapy, cellular immunotherapy, etc.) and endocrine therapy for various malignant tumors such as head and neck malignant tumors, lung cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumors (hepatic cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.) and genitourinary system tumors (cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, etc.). She has promoted comprehensive treatment of tumor based on MDT. As anti-cancer drugs chief expert, she has participated in the work that prime minister Li Keqiang inspected, Lecheng Chengmei international medical center (Boao Super Hospital), presided over the introduction and clinical application of the anti-cancer new drugs, and taken the lead in the domestic use of the immunotherapy drugs such as Pembrolizumab and Nivolumab, which obtained good effect and social benefit. Focusing on the introduction and clinical treatment of new Oncology drugs such as Alectinib, Plabociclib, Ribociclib, Brigatinib, she has rich clinical experience in anti-tumor new drugs, and will continue to use anti-tumor new drugs in the future to serve more tumor patients.

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