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Oncology Radiotherapy Department

The Oncology Radiotherapy Department integrates clinical, scientific research and teaching and has the most advanced international radiotherapy equipment imported from the United States, including 3 linear accelerators (Edge, Truebeam,clinac-23ex), a Varian High dose rate afterload radiotherapy machine, an Intrabeam intraoperative radiotherapy machine, a large aperture CT analog positioning machine, a conventional X-ray simulator, an Eclipse and Pinnacle Radiotherapy Program system, 16 sets of Physics and Doctor workstations, a full set of German IBA three-dimensional water tanks and dosage verification and quality control equipment. It is able to carry out General Radiotherapy, 3DCRT, IMRT, Vmat, IGRT, IORT, x Knife and SRS, SBRT and other advanced radiotherapy technology. The treatment process uses the ARIA system to fully network information management and supports remote international and domestic consultations.

The department is dominated by standardized treatment. Based on evidence-based medicine, it focuses on building "domestic authority, internationally renowned" diagnosis and treatment services and is committed to the domestic leading "precision radiotherapy" to provide patients with reasonable individualized treatment.

Department director Chen Xianzhao, chief physician, distinguished expert, graduated from Zhongshan Medical University Medical Department and has engaged in radiotherapy clinical work for 35 years. A number of medical staff in our department have been sent to Zhongshan Cancer hospital, Tianjin Cancer Hospital and Harbin Medical University Cancer Hospital for more than 2 years of  training and learning. A solid theoretical foundation in nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer, prostate and cervical cancer radiotherapy has been laid and they have accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, improving the rigorous scientific research ability.

Edge System provides a variety of imaging models for the entire treatment process of patient positioning and tracking, breaking through the traditional accelerator in the physical accuracy of the limitations, for different parts of the body of the tumor, to provide a professional personalized treatment program to greatly improve the treatment efficiency and therapeutic effect.

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