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Gynecologic Oncology Department

The Gynecologic Oncology Department is one of the key departments of Hainan Cancer Hospital. Since the establishment of the department, it has been committed to providing high-quality medical help for patients through standardization, individualization, humanization and minimally invasive treatment. The International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FIGO) and the United States NCCN standard were adopted for the individualized multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, choriocarcinoma and other tumors including surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and interventional therapy. Under the leadership of chief physician Lihua Wang and the joint efforts of the whole medical team, we have solved the suffering of patients, improved the quality of life and won the recognition and praise of patients.

Scope of Treatment

Our department is based on surgery, comprehensive use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and interventional therapy and other means to diagnose and treat gynecological benign and malignant tumors, such as: uterine fibroids, ovarian benign tumors, endometrial polyps, pelvic inflammatory mass and other benign tumors, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, vulvar cancer and peritoneal cancer and other gynecological malignant tumors. Our department not only carries out traditional open surgery, but also carries out laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and vaginal gynecological surgery without abdominal incision. All kinds of surgical techniques in our department have reached the domestic advanced level.

Team composition

Our department has 19 employees, including 1 chief physician, 1 associate senior physician, 1 attending physician, 3 resident physicians and 13 clinic nurses.

Medical technology

Our department has advanced medical instruments, such as the hysteroscope, laparoscope, digital colposcope, MRgFUS(Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound) and other medical equipment, which can be used to carry out: laparoscopic radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy and other laparoscopic surgery for gynecological malignant tumors; hysteroscopic transcervical resection of myoma and hysteroscopic transcervical resection of endometrial polyps. MRgFUS is used to treat uterine myoma and adenomyosis without incision and anesthesia. For intractable cases, our multidisciplinary team which includes radiation therapists, chemotherapists, interventional therapists, pathologists, and radiologists, works with each patient to develop an individualized treatment strategy for a variety of gynecologic cancers, such as intraoperative radiotherapy, interstitial brachytherapy, Argon-Helium cryosurgical treatment or EDGE. For the purpose of early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, we comply with the guideline of FIGO, combine with the cervical HPV DNA test, TCT Cervical Cancer Screening, digital colposcope to carry through with the "three-step" diagnosis and treatment mode. We perform cold knife conization, radical trachelectomy, etc., and avoid excessive treatment in order to save the patient’s fertility as much as possible.

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