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Cancer MDT Outpatient Department

The group is composed of well-known domestic experts such as the leading figure in abdominal tumor surgery in China, professor shao yongfu, which is also the deputy president of hainan cancer hospital, and fivel experts working in first-class hospitals in the pathology field, such as professor as well as chief consultant He Zugen, professor Yu Lijuan who is specialised in small lesions. They have rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult tumors.

This department is meant to integrate multidisciplinary medical resources to build a platform for accurate diagnosis and treatment collaboration for patients with tumors, and organize multidisciplinary consultation (MDT) for difficult tumor cases to make clear diagnosis and develop the best treatment plan.

The hospital is applying the most advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment for the examination of patients.

This department is for the patients like below:

1.Patients whose tumors cannot be clearly diagnosed after examination in several hospitals;

2.Cases of recurrence and treatment failure;

3.Elderly cancer patients;

4.Tumor patients with other serious chronic diseases;

5.Suspected early tumor cases;

6.Rare tumor cases;

7.Surgical operation difficulty big malignant tumor patient and so on.

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