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Pharmacy Department

The Introduction to the Pharmacy Department

The pharmacy department is a pharmaceutical technical functional department that integrates drug supply management and clinical pharmacy services. It is mainly responsible for the procurement and supply of drugs and chemical reagents in the hospital, drug quality control, the dispensing and distribution of drugs for inpatients and patients in the outpatient and emergency departments. The working system is well-established. Meanwhile, it is also responsible for the centralized allocation of intravenous drugs, participation in the monitoring and reporting of adverse drug reactions, clinical pharmacy services, regular updates of Drug News, and a series of works about pharmacy research and teaching. Currently, the pharmacy department occupies a building area of about 1600 square meters. It includes a central pharmacy, a traditional Chinese pharmacy(TCM), an intravenous drug allocation center, a traditional Chinese and Western medicine warehouse, and a clinical pharmacy department. The central pharmacy is responsible for drug dispensing for emergency and inpatients. The pharmacy department is equipped with a fully automatic tablet pendulum machine, a constant pressure double cycle decocting and packaging machine, a traditional Chinese medicine granule multi-station mixing system, a biological safety cabinet, a laminar flow clean bench, a HIS management system and a PIVAS management system. The work efficiency and service quality have greatly improved. The Pharmacy Department conducts a free patient medication consultation service to answer questions from patients.

At present, there are 36 pharmacy and nursing professionals in the pharmacy department, including 1 deputy chief pharmacist, 2 pharmacists-in-charge, 27 pharmacists, 6 nurses, with 1 having a master's degree, and 82% having bachelor's degrees. There are nearly 1,400 kinds of traditional Chinese and Western medicines, including anti-tumor drugs, hematopoietic drugs, cancer painkillers, antiemetics, etc. Among these drugs, there are more than 800 kinds of traditional Chinese and Western medicines, nearly 100 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines, and more than 500 kinds of Chinese medicine granules. The Pharmacy Department strictly implements national regulations to adjust drug prices timely, improve drug quality management actively, and provide qualified drugs for clinical and patients. The Pharmacy Department adheres to the concept of being “honorable, precise, rigorous, and benevolent” and follows the service principle of being “all patient-centered”, striving to provide quality pharmacy professional services for medical staff and patients, and striving to establish a clinical pharmacy service system centered on rational drug use, so that the hospital gradually shifts from being "medicine-based" to being a "people-oriented" pharmaceutical service model.

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