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Functional department

The Cardiopulmonary Function Department, consisting of an electrocardiogram room and a lung function room, is a non-invasive cardiopulmonary function examination and diagnosis department that integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.

The department has an electrocardiogram diagnosis and consultation center, a conventional electrocardiogram room, a dynamic electrocardiogram room, a dynamic blood pressure room, and a lung function test room. They also feature MUSE hospital's ECG network system and DMS remote ECG consultation system. The main equipment includes an American GE ECG machine, a DMS ECG workstation, a DMS dynamic electrocardiogram acquisition and analysis system, a space dynamic blood pressure detector, and a German Yage lung function detection system.

The examination items include an electrocardiogram, network electrocardiograms, a drug test ECG, a ECG vector diagram, a dynamic electrocardiogram, a dynamic blood pressure test, lung ventilation function, lung diffusion function, airway reactivity measurement, and airway resistance measurement. 

The department has 6 staff members, including 5 physicians and 1 technician. 1 deputy chief physician, 1 attending physician, and 3 physicians. In October 2018, The department was awarded the “National Excellent ECG Collective” by the Professional Committee of Arrhythmia of China 

The environment of the department is comfortable and spacious, the equipment is safe and advanced, the service process is smooth and concise, and the business management is scientific and standardized. With professional technicians, skilled operation technology, rich diagnostic experience and strict quality control, it can provide timely, accurate and practical diagnosis reports for outpatients and wards. 

The service concept of the department is: Serve the patients and meet clinical needs to the utmost.

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