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The Ultrasonography Department

The Ultrasonography Department is the basic examination department of Hainan Cancer Hospital. It is professional, systematic and convenient for adopting the international standard for standardized diagnosis of tumors. The department is particularly outstanding in the fields of abdominal malignant tumors, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, gynecological tumors and more. It has the advantages of integration of diagnosis and follow-up, outpatient and ward, as well as business, academic and scientific research. It can provide accurate imaging basis for early diagnosis and clinical treatment of tumor patients.

Now, the department has the world's most advanced ultrasonography equipment and excellent professional and technical personnel. They pay particular attention to the construction of a good talent echelon, and maintain cooperation and exchange with domestic and foreign first-class institutions. Based on the ultrasonic diagnosis of tumors, the department has continuously explored and innovated the field of minimally invasive treatment under the guidance of modern imaging, so that the discipline always keeps up with the forefront of technology development at home and abroad in clinical, teaching and scientific research.

The undergraduate program offers a wide range of services, including conventional ultrasonography, contrast-enhanced ultrasonography and ultrasonography interventional diagnosis and treatment. 

1、Routine ultrasound examination:

Including superficial organ (thyroid, breast, scrotum, superficial lymph nodes and limb soft tissue), heart and blood vessels, abdominal and retroperitoneal organs (liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney and ureter, retroperitoneal tumors and lymph nodes), pelvic cavity (bladder, prostate, uterus and accessories), and other parts of color doppler ultrasound, bedside ultrasound and intraoperative ultrasound; transvaginal or rectal ultrasonography. It plays an important role in the diagnosis, clinical stage, treatment plan and curative effect observation of tumors.

2、New ultrasonic technology:

The ultrasonography department will attach importance to the application of new ultrasound technology, actively assist clinical research work, and constantly improve the level of ultrasound diagnosis.

(1)、Interventional Ultrasonography ultrasound-guided puncture cytology examination, including ultrasound-guided tumor puncture biopsy cytology and histology examination, ultrasound-guided pericardial, pleural and peritoneal puncture drainage or percutaneous catheter drainage and intra-cavity ultrasound-guided prostate puncture biopsy, etc.

(2)、Soft Tissue Ultrasonography Elastography:uses elastography to observe the softness and hardness of superficial soft tissue lesions such as breast and thyroid, combined with conventional color doppler ultrasonography to determine the benign and malignant mass more accurately.

(3)、Ultrasound-guided Minimally Invasive Breast Treatment:through real-time ultrasound guidance to guide the breast physicians to perform biopsy and minimally invasive treatment of breast masses.

(4)、Ultrasonic Imaging:by injecting a microbubble ultrasound contrast agent, observing the blood perfusion of the tumor in real time, to make a clear diagnosis of masses that are difficult to determine, especially, a contrast-enhanced ultrasonography of liver and kidney tumors.

(5)、Guided by ultrasound, cooperate with clinicians to use ultrasound knife or radioactive particles for local hyperthermia or radionuclide treatment of malignant tumors.

The ultrasonography department adheres to the concept of serving the patients and the clinic. Focusing on the characteristics of the tumor hospital, it carries out a series of ultrasound diagnosis projects with special features for society and pays attention to cultivating its own special features. The ultrasonography department of Hainan Cancer Hospital strives to provide the quality best medical services for patients, and is willing to work with the majority of patients to build the first line of defense for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of tumors. 

Ultrasonic Equipment:

GE LOGIQ E9 and PHILIPS EPIQ 7 are the world's leading ultrasonic diagnostic equipment developed and manufactured by GE(General Electric Company)and PHILIPS. In addition to providing a great improvement to traditional performance, advanced volumetric navigation technology is also adopted to realize the fusion technology with CT, MRI and other multi-mode medical images, so as to carry out real-time tracking of lesions, reduce the probability of missed diagnosis and improve the accuracy of positioning and treatment. In addition, GE LOGIQ E9 coded contrast agent harmonic imaging technology and magnetic positioning systems have great advantages in contrast-enhanced ultrasound and intervention, which can fully meet the clinical requirements and bring benefits to patients. PHILIPS EPIQ 7 is equipped with a four-dimensional x5-1 heart probe, which can be used for all-round stereoscopic imaging and real-time dynamic scanning to better understand the structure and function of the heart.

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