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Thoracic Surgery

Department introduction

The Department of Thoracic Surgery of Hainan Provincial Cancer Hospital is one of the important departments T our hospital. It has a full set of advanced, scientific and technological equipment, including a German Storz 3D thoracoscopic, an American (Styker) Stryker chest, a laparoscope, a mediastinoscopy and a Johnson & Johnson ultrasonic scalpel. The staff structure at the department is reasonable and have exquisite technology.

Scope of treatment

The main focus is on surgery, the comprehensive treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and mediastinal tumor with a particular focus thoracoscopy and mediastinoscopy. The thoracic surgery is performed under thoracoscopic radical surgery and thoracoscopic surgery. On the basis of routine surgery,we also perform lung cancer organ augmentation, bronchial sleeve resection, bronchial, pulmonary double-sleeve angioplasty, superior vena cava angioplasty, giant thymic tumor resection and vascular replacement, which provide patients with the most effective and safe individual precise treatment plans, and strive to achieve the best therapeutic effect.


The staff of the department has a reasonable structure and has a strong technical force. Wu Jun, a young member of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association's Esophagus Committee, is the director of the department. There are seven doctors, including two deputy chief physicians and three attending physicians.

Department honor

Under the leadership of Wu Jun and the joint efforts of the team, a total of 7 SCI papers were published, 4 new technology awards were won, 5 provincial projects were completed, and 3 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation were completed.

Departmental therapy

Our department is in line with the development of modern medicine. We focus on modern minimally invasive surgical thoracic and laparoscopic techniques. We have a full set of advanced German Storz 3D thoracoscopic, American (Styker) Stryker chest, laparoscopy equipment and other high-tech equipment such as mediastinoscopy and Johnson & Son ultrasonic scalpel. At present, most of the conventional thoracotomy in thoracic surgery has been replaced by advanced minimally invasive thoracic and laparoscopic techniques, which gives full play to the advantages of small damage, less bleeding, light postoperative pain, quick recovery, small incision, fine scars, short hospital stays. They also advocates rapid rehabilitation and postoperative rapid rehabilitation exercises in postoperative care, so that patients can reduce pain, reduce hospital stays and reduce the financial burden for families.

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