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Pathology department

General situation of the pathology department

The pathology department has a complete set of imported original pathological slicing equipment, such as a pathological slicing machine, a tissue embedding machine, a dehydration machine, a tissue automatic staining machine, a multi-functional microscope, a pathological image analysis system, a thinprep cytologic test (TCT), a cervical cell computer-aided diagnosis system, a cell automatic staining machine, an electronic microscope and a teleconsultation system. It has the conditions for world-class pathological diagnosis. An integrated diagnostic platform combining pathological morphology, immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology was established, and the first tumor biological sample bank in Hainan Province was established.

Scope of diagnosis and treatment

It can carry out pathological diagnosis of paraffin and frozen rapid diagnosis, exfoliated cytology and puncture cytology diagnosis, immunopathological diagnosis, molecular pathological diagnosis, and difficult pathological consultation and other pathological diagnostic services, and can timely and effectively clarify the pathological nature of tissue, so the patient can be treated early, correctly and appropriately.

Expert team

There are 7 doctors and 6 technicians in the pathology department, including 1 professor (chief physician), 1 deputy chief physician, 1 doctoral supervisor, 1 postgraduate supervisor, and 1 expert who has made outstanding contributions to Chinese pathology.

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