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Clinical Laboratory

The Laboratory Department of Hainan Cancer Hospital is equipped with a body fluid and blood laboratory, a clinical biochemistry and immunology laboratory, a clinical microbiology laboratory, an infectious disease screening laboratory, a clinical gene diagnosis laboratory and blood bank. The department has a domestically advanced automatic blood analysis pipeline, urine analysis pipeline, biochemical immune pipeline, bacterial culture identification instrument, automatic blood type identification instrument, automatic enzyme immune analyzer, PCR amplification instrument, flow cytometry, liquid chip instrument, automatic cell interpretation instrument and other imported professional large-scale inspection equipment. At present, the department has carried out more than 200 projects. In addition to routine projects such as tumor marker detection, thyroid function detection, physiological sex hormone detection, infectious disease detection, outline biochemical and special biochemical tests, cervical cancer screening and detection, the department also focused on the early detection of tumors and tumor treatment, such as lung cancer autoantibody spectrum detection, Alzheimer's disease detection, colorectal cancer miR-92a detection, heat shock protein detection, vascular endothelial growth factor detection, abnormal Prothrombin detection, alpha-fetoprotein heterogeneity detection and so on. In 2016, our department successfully passed the acceptance of work on the genetic diagnosis laboratory and the AIDS screening laboratory with high scores. Under the leadership of the department head and the joint efforts of the team, the laboratory report issued by the laboratory quickly and accurately received recognition from the clinical and physical examination centers for the work of the department, and has a good reputation. In 2016 and 2017, our department won the title of Excellent Department of the hospital for two consecutive years. As the affiliated cancer hospital of Hainan Medical College, the Department of Clinical Laboratory has been undertaking the internship and teaching work of Hainan Medical College since its opening, and the teachers have been awarded the title of "Excellent Teachers" of Hainan Medical College for many times.

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