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Urology Surgery

Urology is a specialized discipline featuring minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment. It uses nephoscopy, ureteroscopy, cystoscopy, laparoscopic, plasma kinetic vaporization, the second generation of LISA holmium laser and 1470 semiconductor lasers and other high-end medical instruments. Treatment includes that of urologic tumors (renal tumors, ureteral tumors, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, urinary tract tumors, penis tumors, testis tumors and adrenal tumors), benign prostatic hyperplasia and urolithiasis, urinary injuries and urological malformations.

Yulin Ma (Professor/Chief Physician/Doctoral Supervisor) has been engaged in urology medical treatment, scientific research and teaching for more than 30 years. He has studied and worked in the urology departments of medical schools of American and Japanese universities for many years and has accumulated rich clinical experience in clinical practice over many years. At present, he takes the lead in carrying out the following projects in Hainan province: 

1. Transurethral resection of bladder tumor with transurethral 1470nm semiconductor laser: accurate, deeper or more complete resection of the tumor and its basal muscle layer without resection of the bladder. There was little bleeding and no obturator nerve reflex complications.

2. Partial resection of bladder treatment of muscular invasive bladder cancer: for some patients who have the strong desire to keep the bladder or elderly patients with bladder cancer, treated by partial resection of bladder, then supplemented by postoperative chemotherapy, radiotherapy, second TUR-Bt, comprehensive treatment and the treatment of cancer at the same time, maximizes the natural micturition function of patients, greatly improving the quality of life of postoperative patients.

3.Transurethral prostatectomy with 1470nm semiconductor laser vaporization: the surgical indications are wide and it can be used for the elderly, high-risk, anti-suspicion treatment, patients with pacemakers or heart stents; less bleeding after surgery, shorter time of indwelling catheter after surgery, shorter postoperative hospitalization time. Some patients can be discharged within 24 hours after surgery.

4.Carry out standardized treatment for prostate cancer, bladder cancer, renal cancer, ureteropelvic cancer and other malignant tumors, reaching world-class level.

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