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Nuclear Medicine Department

The Department of Nuclear Medicine at Hainan Cancer Hospital is a rare multimodality imaging diagnosis and treatment center with SPECT/CT, PET/CT, MRI, cyclotron and radionuclide treatment wards. It has the most advanced Discovery PET/CT 710, which is from the world leading company, General Electric Company(GE), as well as Discovery NM/CT 670, cyclotron Cyclotron Qilin, 1.5 TMR SignaHDi systems and have high-end and cozy radionuclide treatment wards.

The examination carried out by the department includes the various parts of 1.5T MRI routine imaging, the whole body of PET/CT imaging, the whole body of SPECT/CT bone scanning, renal dynamic imaging, thyroid imaging, and cerebral and cardiac blood flow perfusion imaging. Treatment solutions include 131I therapy for differentiated thyroid carcinoma, metastases bone tumor of 89Sr and Yunke treatment, and also 125I seed implantation for malignant tumors.

Our department has formed a high-level professional team lead by the academic leader, the doctoral supervisor and the cancer imaging expert Yu Lijuan, followed by talented people with doctorates and masters education, forming the backbones of our department.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine not only carries out early screening, diagnosis, staging and curative effect evaluation of various tumors, but also provides SPECT/CT, PET/CT, MRI and PET/CT-MRI with "individualized one-stop" imaging solutions according to the specific conditions of patients. The imaging solutions provide the most accurate information for the clinical treatment in a non-invasive, minimally risky manner. It greatly improves the efficiency of examination, shortening the treatment process, and improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

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