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Gastroesophageal Oncology Department

Department introduction:

Our department has been at the leading level of minimally invasive treatment of tumor surgery in Hainan. We treat gastric, small intestinal and esophageal tumors with mature and advanced endoscopic minimally invasive surgery technology. We have rich experience in tumor ablation therapy and we are the earliest cancer microwave ablation team in Hainan province. The department has a high-level clinical medical team and a solid scientific research team. At present, there are 2 chief surgeons, 2 associate chief surgeons and 5 doctors who have got a master's degree.

Characteristics of technology:

It includes minimally invasive surgery for gastrointestinal tumors, tumor ablation therapy, endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, nutritional support, and rapid rehabilitation surgical techniques. Tumor ablation surgery in the province has been in a leading position and has reached the domestic advanced level.

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