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Intensive Care Unit

Publicity materials of the Intensive Care Unit: Hainan Cancer Hospital was established in 2015. It is the earliest comprehensive intensive care unit in the specialist hospital. The disease areas adopt a closed layout ,and includes 20 sickbeds. We have 25 doctors and nurses, including 2 doctors with senior titles. We have developed technology of invasive/non-invasive mechanical ventilation, invasive/non-invasive hemodynamics monitoring, fibro bronchoscopy technology by the bed, bedside ultrasound, CRRT and artificial liver. We provide centralized treatment for all kinds of critically ill patients of the whole hospital. We not only undertake the responsibility of nursing the postoperative patients with high risks, complication problems, and organ functional support therapies, but also undertake the bone marrow inhibition after chemotherapy, treat low immune function, multiple organs failure, radioactive pneumonia and all kinds of severe infections. In the fields of the perioperative management of critical tumor patients , sepsis, infectious shock, ARDS, MODS, respiratory support and advanced life support of CPR. We are in the leading level in the province. 

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