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Neurosurgery Department

Department introduction:

As the treatment center for glioma in south China, the research and clinical treatment in the fields of glioma, skull base tumor, pituitary adenoma, intraspinal and spinal cord tumor have reached a domestic advanced level. The department now has 7 doctors, including 3 doctors and 4 masters. Two chief physicians and three associate chief physicians.

Diagnosis and treatment scope

Carried out by the orbital - zygomatic approach, intracranial cavernous sinus tumor resection extracranial internal carotid artery bypass surgery cavernous sinus tumor resection, complicated with facial nerve and acoustic nerve resection of acoustic neuroma by rock - lost bone resection in hearing, acoustic neuroma, beside the sagittal sinus and huge meningioma resection, the far lateral approach resection of posterior fossa tumors and slope, transcranial former nest bottom tumor resection orbital tumors, etc. series of minimally invasive surgery.

Characteristic technology:

On the basis of surgery, the innovative technology of para-tumor and local treatment for malignant glioma is as follows:

1. Postoperative intratumor interstitial chemotherapy

2. Postoperative intratumor brachytherapy

3. Interventional chemotherapy via cerebral artery

4. 1311 immuno-guided radiotherapy with monoclonal antibody

5. High-dose chemotherapy supported by autologous peripheral blood marrow hematopoietic stem cells

6. Interstitial radiotherapy

7. Para-tumor brachytherapy for glioma of brainstem spinal cord, and the newly developed treatment technology

8. Tumor tissue liquefaction therapy

9. Targeted anti-tumor vascular interventional therapy, among which the first 6 new therapeutic techniques were pioneered at home and abroad, with a 3-year survival rate of 16.6%, in which the imaging cure rate reached 6.3%, significantly higher than the efficacy of large cases reported in domestic and foreign literature.

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